Web developer opportunity

ElseApps Ltd is looking for someone who’s starting out on their career as a web developer. Someone who has good computer skills, and is familiar with at least some of the following:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Linux
  • PHP

ElseApps has developed an extensible framework for end to end management of contestible funding. It’s already used by several New Zealand organisations, and we want to take it to the world. The framework’s written in PHP and Javascript, using Fat Free Framework, KnockoutJS and Bootstrap. If you have a handle on the first two, the rest follows pretty easily.

Currently the development team is … me. I need a colleague to help maintain and enhance the core framework, craft customisations and deploy new instances.

If you’re honest, curious and organised, you’ll be a good fit. We’ll meet the market on salary; your experience with PHP and Javascript will be key indicators. After a couple of weeks’ familiarisation you can work remotely with a little help from Trello, Bitbucket and our web-based timesheet system. We’re open to flexible ways of working too, if your situation requires unusual hours or job-sharing.

To apply, you need to live in New Zealand and either be a citizen or a resident. Still a starter? Then send a CV of no more than two A4 pages to Leigh Harrison at webdev@elseapps.com. Applications close at the end of July 2018.