ElseApps Funding Framework

The ElseApps Funding Framework – EAFF to its friends – is a framework designed for organisations offering contestable funding. It’s easily customised, supports multiple languages and works great on tablets and smartphones as well as traditional computers.

Almost everything about EAFF can be tailored to suit your organisation: page layouts, application forms, fonts, colours, user categories, workflow. And it’s designed to make management of funding applications intuitive and simple.

Try EAFF yourself

We’ve built an EAFF demonstration site, and you’re welcome to test drive it. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to request login credentials.


What EAFF does

  • Sets up and manages funding streams – types of applications – each with its own custom application form.
  • Defines funding rounds – periods for application submission.
  • Enables online submission from applicants including uploading required files.
  • Manages applications through the decision process and notifies applicants of decisions.
  • Allows the editing of site content, email templates and appearance.
  • Maintains an audit trail of key online events.
  • Provides context-sensitive help which can be easily updated.
  • Multi-language support baked in.

Why we made EAFF

To many contestable funding organisations, application management means piles of paper or folders full of email messages and spreadsheets. Retrieving historic data is often difficult – sometimes impossible – and when applications close, a lot of intensive manual effort is required to process submissions and notify applicants.

The ElseApps Funding Framework simplifies the process with a logical, flexible structure for receiving applications, assessing them, processing them and notifying applicants. It handles the mechanical tasks, freeing administrators from maintaining spreadsheets or photocopying reams of paper.


applicationformIn a typical EAFF installation, an applicant can sign up for an account online. An email message containing a verification link is then sent to confirm the address, after which the applicant can create and submit applications. These steps can be customised if your organisation prefers.
As with all users, applicants can configure key aspects of EAFF’s appearance to suit themselves.applicantpreferences

applicantdash02An applicant’s dashboard displays the status of of work in progress, allowing one-click access to view or print current applications.


admindash02Administrators can be notified by email of key EAFF events such as new applicant accounts, new applications. On logging in, the dashboard gives an administrator immediate access to and seamless editing of the most immediately important information.
Web application settings can be easily edited, and each administrator can create and edit personal notes which are visible on every page.

log01EAFF’s log stores all key events, providing a comprehensive audit trail and a resource for resolving any issues.

emaileditor01A rich text editor enables administrators to maintain site content including email templates.

EAFF collects anonymous statistics about web application activity, giving administrators an at-a-glance view of traffic.


A background process runs every 24 hours, sending a notification email if there have been errors, checking data integrity and, at a configurable interval, creating a full backup of data for downloading from the administrator dashboard.


help02Every EAFF page links to contextual help, managed by an open-source help wiki which opens in a separate web browser tab or window.

Administrators can edit or augment help wiki content if they wish.

Getting EAFF

alacarteThe ElseApps Funding Framework needs a web server with PHP 5.3+ and two MySQL databases. Shared hosting works well for most installations. ELSEAPPS will price the cost of installing and configuring EAFF to suit your organisation, after which there’s a modest annual license fee which includes periodic updates of the core framework functionality.

Talk to us. We’re happy to discuss your business needs without charge or commitment. The quickest way to start a conversation is to use the contact form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to hearing from you.