The future of the desktop
is the web.

Intelligent integration

network_wiredDesktop and laptop computers are workhorses, doing the heavy lifting for most business processes. But the computer is no longer isolated, and today’s software needs to be connected: connected to local networks, connected to social networks, connected to the cloud.

ELSEAPPS provides that integration in two ways. We design desktop software that marries the look and feel of a web application with the efficiency and power of a full computer. And we connect that software seamlessly with resources on the net, smoothing the gaps when no internet connection’s available.

Native smarts

computer_laptopTwenty five years writing native Microsoft applications for corporate clients and small businesses provides a solid foundation. These days we cross-compile desktop applications for Linux and MacOS as well as Windows.

We don’t just offer experience. We have a library of modules to kick start any new software project. Installation and updates, registration and license management, configuration and persistence, data connectivity and messaging … a comprehensive toolbox sitting on the workbench ready for your project.

It’s all about people

system_usersELSEAPPS designs solutions that make complex tasks simple and logical. Over time, business processes change. Capturing a business process in software provides the ideal opportunity to re-engineer for efficiency, but major change only succeeds if there’s buy-in from the end users.

Change management is something we can help with. ELSEAPPS has experience with change projects in large and small businesses and in government agencies. We have proven strategies for communication and for identifying and involving key opinion makers.

Talks’s cheap free

A phone call or a Skype conversation will cost you nothing. Use the contact form below to arrange a time. Whether you’re contemplating a project, solving a problem or just bouncing ideas around, we’re happy to contribute to the conversation. No cost, no obligation.