Content management
web sites with WordPress.

Why WordPress?

wordpress-iconWordPress powers 55% of the world’s CMS based web sites. It’s mature, supported by a global community of designers and developers, and capable of excellent performance and security.

  • Cost of ownership is low. WordPress is free and open source, as are thousands of the available add-ons.
  • Customisation is unlimited. WordPress functionality and appearance can be stretched in any direction.


arkWe’re not here to squeeze you into a package. If WordPress is more than you need we won’t pretend it’s the right solution. We also recognise when a business application requires something different. We’ve worked with a lot of CMS products, and when we recommend WordPress we do so because it’s the best fit and for no other reason.

Did we mention that we built this site with WordPress?

Why you?

stock_contact_listMore than sixty million web sites run WordPress, but your site needs to be unique.

A good CMS on its own doesn’t make a great web site. You need a team that can understand what makes your business tick; a team that will translate that understanding into effective and distinctive design. You’ll find that team here.

ELSEAPPs doesn’t do cookie-cutter web sites. Unless, of course, you’re selling cookie cutters.

Mobile is no afterthought

In parts of the world 50% of all internet access is now from mobile devices, and that percentage is increasing globally. ELSEAPPS develops WordPress sites that look fantastic and work perfectly everywhere: on tablets, smartphones, computers … even on web-enabled television screens.