Indigo Energies


We built this 2009 web site with Pixie, a slim content management system developed in the UK by Scott Evans. The client wanted a simple, visually appealing presence on the web; one which he could update himself with confidence. To implement the site design for Indigo Energies we wrote plugins for the Pixie CMS as well as extending its core code.

Tabbed content

tabWith a horizontal menu at the top of the page, The Indigo Energies site is easy to navigate.

Although the theme for the site is dark, we avoided presenting white text on a black background for the content pages: it looks stylish but it’s never easy to read. We selected a large font size to give the content prominence.

Sidebar news

The latest client news items are automatically presented in the sidebar on each page. When the user clicks through to a news item, the page also displays other recent news and the sidebar summarises the content of the tabs.

Site administration

Pixie‘s administrator pages were not customised for this site: they’re already intuitive and easy to use.