Hosted sites:
web made easy.

Quick start

launchWe start every project by learning what you want from your new web site, then ELSEAPPS will draft three or four templates for you to consider. Once we’ve zeroed in on the look and feel, ELSEAPPS will build the site for you to review. The entire process often takes less than two days.

You’ll need to tell us what you want your new site to say, but we offer twenty years of copywriting experience. Finding the right words is something we’re good at … and, yes, we can write both British and American English.

Ease of use

input_mouseThere’s one thing all our clients agree on: these are the easiest sites to update and maintain. The ELSEAPPS team seldom gets a call for assistance.

Editing content is as easy as clicking and typing. New content is a drag and drop away. While making changes you’re looking at the real website, not an administrator panel: what you see is always what you get.

Your new site also provides easy to read statistics: key performance indicators for finetuning your content.

Feature rich

totemAn ELSEAPPS hosted site offers e-commerce with PayPal or Google Wallet, excellent search engine optimisation and analytics. All our hosted sites are served from a top flight content delivery network and are mobile-ready out of the box. Your site can incorporate video, audio, blogs, photo galleries, contact forms, surveys, Google Maps, social network buttons, clips from YouTube … and much more.

And, of course, your new hosted site sits on your own domain name. ELSEAPPS can migrate an existing domain or help you find a new one.

Cost effectiveness

To date, none of our hosted sites has cost more than NZD400 PLUS GST to set up; some have been created for less than NZD200 PLUS GST.

The monthly hosting cost for 90% of web sites – sites with up to 15 pages and 500MB of data – is NZD20 PLUS GST.