Web applications:
business in process.

Business process engineering

basketMoving business processes to the web can reduce costs and increase efficiency – ask the clients ELSEAPPS has worked with. Best practice business process engineering expressed in a robust web application can reduce costs and free up time. Users are alerted when their input is needed, inventory is ordered “just in time”, up-to-date reports are delivered as they’re required.

What may sound like magic is really only applied logic. Still, a little of this type of sourcery in your business couldn’t hurt, right?

Best fit technologies

text_xmlThe internet never stands still. Every year browsers get faster, web development tools get smarter. Best practice means standards-based solutions that keep in touch with the future. After all, we have to build tomorrow on what we write today.

ELSEAPPS uses widely-adopted tools and frameworks, building web applications in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. We work with web sockets, and with PHP and MySQL. But enough names and acronyms: talk to us about what they do.

All devices, all the time

smart_phoneFor business, the beauty of today’s internet is its pervasiveness. It’s everywhere; on your tablet or smartphone, on your laptop or desktop computer, even on your television. Whether it’s commerce or information, entertainment or socialising, most business contexts don’t require native software for every platform. A well written web application from ELSEAPPS can work seamlessly across all these devices, making your business processes accessible anywhere, any time.

Isn’t the web wonderful?

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